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Bath, Somerset


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L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Monisha 17:57 06.03.2016
Love the gloves! I h
Love the gloves! I have phoots of my small upstate town from the 1930's and 40's... one of the things that really struck me is how dressed the women were whenever they left the house. Hats and gloves were always worn- at least by respectable women;-) Wonder how many odd looks I'd get if I started wearing gloves and a hat whenever I ventured out to... W*lmart, for example!
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Jonni 17:55 06.03.2016
A friend
A friend retlncey pontificated on her blog how best to go into her retirement and her next years still making her children and her husband proud. Her comments were about so much more than appearances, but I led her to your site none the less.She is in love with it, as am I. Today I have matched my socks with my bright orange neck art, and feel a million dollars.
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Darma 17:55 06.03.2016
Bonnie,Simply click
Bonnie,Simply click the link at the bottom of the web page and uaplod a new photo. I also sent you a welcome message by email that has instructions. Check your spam folder in case you didn't see it.Seth
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Jade 17:16 06.03.2016
Love love love!!! Se
Love love love!!! Seth and Jamie, you guys are amazing.We caonnt wait to shoot our 1 year anniversary picture with you next year!!We caonnt wait to see the rest of the photos and also VIDEO!!!LoveCrystal & Andrew
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Louinise 17:15 06.03.2016
Hi Bev:) Ooooi, this
Hi Bev:) Ooooi, this blog Candy'en I would like to join in! I'm totally in love with these Sweet Pea deisgns! Thank you for the opportunity to win this. And I was sure I was following you,from my first time here in the blog world, but .. I'm now one of your new followers:)). I love everything you make, so thanks a lot for a lot of inspiration !Hugs, Ellen
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Inor 17:14 06.03.2016
Hi Anne, well the DT
Hi Anne, well the DT have outdone tsvehelmes haven't they. The samples of the new stamps have been, as Craig Revel Horwood would say,!! Thank you to them all.All the best Linda
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Valerio 20:02 04.03.2016
I think it is a real
I think it is a really awsmoee perspective. I usually fulfill individualswho rather say what they assume others want to listen to. Excellent and wellwritten! I will come returning to your website for sure!
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Ahmet 17:29 04.03.2016
Kristen,Thank you fo
Kristen,Thank you for your interest in The Kitchen Design Directory! There is no chrage to list your kitchen design businessat The Kitchen Design Directory. To get started, just click here .Be a part of The Kitchen Design Directory today!Seth Townsend, PublisherThe Kitchen Design Directory
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Fatimazahra 16:54 04.03.2016
Congratulations, Del
Congratulations, Dell! That's really encitixg. I love their things too. I bet you have a blast doing it. Can't wait to see all your goodies. Enjoy the time with your sister!
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Basant 22:07 01.08.2015
I always enjoy Seth'
I always enjoy Seth's igshnits as a breath of fresh air especially with CBS embracing people like Billy Packer, whose over-stated commentary got old quickly then his replacement Clark Kellogg's his faux-Clyde routine One of the things Seth conveniently forgets is that some of the cupcake games are regionally politically correct I think that UCONN being on the bubble might be more of a reality with Coach Calhoun's medical leave of absence Coach Blainey was a genius hire but he's not Coach Calhoun I am hoping the American Sports Vatican (aka Notre Dame) falls off that bubble they need to establish a reputation of athletic excellence, not just a memory of the Digger Days !!!Glad to see someone speaking nationally about Da Hall and I agree with his evalaution !!!Lastly, I certainly hope Duke's Singler stays for his senior year it will help the team and recognize that he's not an NBA calibre player now and might never be

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