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Gunn,OMG that card is beautiful, I am a real sckeur for those vintage Christmas cards, have done alot of research on's a little tip, I found this website >>
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Ismael 17:17 06.03.2016
welcome back strange
welcome back stranger!!! Good to see you back with us again...we miessd your fabulous creations girl! I have to agree with you on the Penny black is beautiful and you have done a wonderful job combining it with such pretty dp, corner snowflakes and flower. Fantastic!Hugs, CharlotteMMSC DTPS: do you have any interesting "thieving" stories for us??? Just kidding :)
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Lolo 22:50 04.03.2016
Hi Gunn, great to se
Hi Gunn, great to see you again - love the crisp black and white of this ornament.Isn't it fisatrutrng when you know what you want to make and it just does not work out - happens to me far to often.BlessingsMaxine

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