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RIPON MUSEUMS-YORKSHIRE - Police & Prison Museum


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L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Rexcyann 17:57 06.03.2016
I like the fit on th
I like the fit on the front, not so much the back. I'm not a big fan of big pockets pecald very low. I know it's a trend, but the aesthetic in my opinion doesn't quite work.But chapeau on the great work. Jeans are bitchy to get right!!d.
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Odila 17:54 06.03.2016
By July 3, 2012 -
By July 3, 2012 - 6:05 amThis theory of Darwin's is used to itefdiny the identity of the brand. Natural Selection Denim offers a large range of Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, shirts and other denim-related clothing. The finished product demonstrates superior craftsmanship which can be seen in the details, such as the leather brand path, the shaped belt loops, the seams, the selvedge and the washes. All Natural Selection denim is made with the finest fabric, cotton grown organically in Africa. Natural Selection Abercrombie and Fitch jeans are made from this organic cotton and are finished by hand. The design of the straight leg denim was obtained from the Kurabo mills located in the city of Okayama in Japan
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Maycon 17:16 06.03.2016
Hi Bev, gorgeous sta
Hi Bev, gorgeous stamp, i love the sarah Kay dsigens and do not actually own any as yet so thankyou for the chance to win one. I am off now to put a little post on my blog to let everyone know ;)Love n hugsVikki xx
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Paola 17:13 06.03.2016
What sweet candy Bev
What sweet candy Bev, thank you for the chance of wininng it. Your blog is beautiful btw I so look forward to popping in and seeing what you have created. Take care Ann-Marie xxx
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Jeanette 18:56 04.03.2016
Your books and motiv
Your books and motivation spnekiag were so good and strong and step by step detailed that got me started in something I have been meaning To do several years ago believe me that I will continue to read you as soon as the next book comes out.And a big plus that has me thrilled is that you got me reading again!!!! something I couldnt manage to do from some years now!
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Vinicius 16:27 04.03.2016
Hello,I have a quest
Hello,I have a question about fair dinleag in Canada. I work at a cultural institution that holds several film-related archival collections. We often hold exhibitions that include these items and we do our best to acquire permissions from the copyright holders in advance. The question I have is about objects that are created during the production of a film (for example props or architectural set drawings). I thought that the moral rights holder would be the film production company that hired the artist to do the work. However after reading one of the items in your Myths about Canadian Copyright Law post I am not sure if that is correct: MYTH: Employers are considered the authors of the works produced by their employees. Works created in the course of employment during the course of an employee’s duties belong to the employer. However, the author/employee remains the author of the work. Duration of protection of the work is determined by the employee/author’s life, and the employee retains the moral rights in such works.Does this mean that years after the employee has been employed by the company that they retain the moral rights of the art work they produced? Or is it still held by the company that produced the film, or the company that holds the rights to the film?Thanks,Melissa

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