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Stonehenge, Wiltshire


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L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Tangie 03:03 27.02.2017
Hallhlujae! I needed
Hallhlujae! I needed this-you're my savior.
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Deejay 08:44 28.06.2016
That's a shrewd answ
That's a shrewd answer to a tricky quostien
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Jaylan 07:43 27.06.2016
That's a
That's a qui-tcwikted answer to a difficult question
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Neveah 19:48 26.06.2016
Very good point, cer
Very good point, certnialy note your knowledge on the subject. This is the first time I go, but I assure you will not be the last, I hope everyone who reads this I think the same.
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Neha 22:23 01.08.2015
but where did humans
but where did humans come from in the first place? From apes?? But where is the link from apes to human? apes did evvole into Neanderthals, but there is no link between them and US! im guessing alians came took the Neanderthals (as they had the closest DNA match to them and where more then likely the most advanced animal at the time) and implanted there alien blood in them. then put em back on earth to evvole, but it took to long so they began mating subspecies (humans) and aliens to speed it up

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