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England / Oxfordshire

University Church of St Mary the Virgin


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L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Geolign 18:21 15.11.2022
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L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Bettie 05:55 15.04.2017
At last,
At last, somoene who comes to the heart of it all
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Pait 02:52 27.02.2017
Could you write abou
Could you write about Phiscys so I can pass Science class?
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Dario 17:58 06.03.2016
Free to air means yo
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L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Citra 17:17 06.03.2016
Eso lo haces orienta
Eso lo haces orientando el FTA al AMC 5 es pura panatlla eso de que es NAGRA 3.. el TElemundo esta abierto en cualquier FTA en el SAt 79W si no porke no pone mas canales del Dish o nada mas le gusto el 835???
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Ishan 22:40 04.03.2016
What sweet candy Bev
What sweet candy Bev, thank you for the chance of wniinng it. Your blog is beautiful btw I so look forward to popping in and seeing what you have created. Take care Ann-Marie xxx
L_DIS_REVIEW_BY Wandi 15:02 04.03.2016
Hi Bevthanks for the
Hi Bevthanks for the chance to win these cute stmpas. I have a grandson that loves to fish, and a granddaughter that love's horse riding so they would be ideal lol.hugsSandra (craftynan)

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