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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why collect UK Memory Stamps?"

There are many reasons why people love to collect Memory Stamps. They are the perfect way to remember a holiday or a day out; they are works of art in their own right and collecting is a brilliant way to spend your time. You’ll discover new and exciting places in your quest to add to your collection, and the Memory Stamps will look stunning displayed in your home. Whether you’re a couple, a family, a lone or group collector, collecting Memory Stamps is a lot of fun.

"How are Memory Stamps made?"

Memory Stamps are no ordinary souvenir. They are made from good quality sustainable and approved wood from Europe. The intricate images are unique to each stamp and are designed by some great artists. The designs are then burnt into the stamps using a technique called Pyrography. Each Memory Stamp is beautiful and each one is a joy to own.

"I visited an attraction but didn’t buy my Memory Stamp, can I still get one?"

Yes! We can send you a Memory Stamp if you visited an attraction but you forgot to buy your stamp, or the attraction didn’t have any in stock. You can even order stamps from attractions you visited before you started collecting. However, as Memory Stamps are only available to people who have actually visited each attraction, we will need proof of your visit. This could be a photograph of you at the attraction, a till receipt or a ticket.

"How many Memory Stamps are available to collect?"

There are lots of Memory Stamps to collect throughout the UK. There are a further 4000 stamps to be collected across the rest of the world. Of course this number is growing all the time!

"Where can I find a list of Memory Stamps?"

You will find a complete catalogue of all Memory Stamp locations on our website.

"Where can I get Memory Stamps?"

Memory Stamps are available from a huge array of different attractions. From castles and nature reserves to museums, zoos and theme parks. Some cities offer a Memory Stamp at their Tourist Information Office, and some events will have Memory Stamps available too. If you have a favourite attraction that doesn’t yet stock their own Memory Stamp then why not suggest they get in touch with us to get a Memory Stamp of their own?

"What do Memory Stamps cost to buy?"

Each Memory Stamp costs from £2.50 to £3.30 (depending on the retail spot). The Premium Memory Stamps are available FREE of charge when you have collected ten consecutively numbered Memory Stamps.

"How can I organise and display my collection?"

You can of course organise your collection however you like, but they look great hanging on the wall or displayed on boards. Each Memory Stamp has a magnet inside too so you can stick them on your fridge or on a magnetic board. For inspiration on how to display your stamps visit our Facebook page.

"What is the Collector´s game?"

Collectotor´s Game is a unique game of collecting while having fun and getting out and about. Collect Memory Stamps from a wide variety of locations both in the UK and overseas. Collect enough stamps and you can claim free, highly sought after Premium Stamps.

"Can I log my progress in the Collector´s game online?"

Yes, you can log each stamp you collect on our website when you sign up as a member. It’s a great way to keep track of which stamps you have collected and which you still need to collect.

"How can I connect with other collectors?"

Many collectors post photos and comments on our Facebook page. Join them at Q – How do I get the premium Tourist Stamp?

"How can I get FREE Memory Stamp?"

Collect ten consecutively numbered Memory Stamps and you can claim a free Premium Memory Stamp. Collect another ten and you can send off for another different Premium Stamp! Claiming is easy. Each stamp comes with a coupon which you simply collect and post to us to receive your Premium Stamp.

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