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10 Adventures (collector´s game)

Collect Memory Stamps and you’ll notice that each one comes with a coupon. Collect these coupons and keep them safe as they play a very important part in the StampMyTRAVELS game!

1. Collect ten consecutively Memory Stamps 

2. Post numbered coupons to us

3. Claim a FREE Premium Memory Stamp.

Premium Stamps cannot be bought, you must earn them by visiting all the locations and collecting the right stamps to make your claim. There is a different Premium Stamp for each set of ten Memory Stamps.

Many collectors like to plan their trips to add their missing Memory Stamps to their collections so they can claim their next Premium Stamp.

In any set of 10 coupons, you can use 1 other coupon as a JOKER. That is, if you have coupons 1 to 10 but you’re missing number 6, then you can use ANY other coupon to take the place of the missing number 6.

Occasionally there are Memory Stamps that don’t fit into a sequence of 10. In these cases you can collect any 10 coupons to claim your Premium Stamp. You’ll find more information about these stamps on our website.

Your Premium Memory Stamps are our reward to you for playing Collectors Game and are sent out to you by post totally free of charge.

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