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UK Memory Stamps List

No.70 - Morgan Motor Museum
No.70 - Morgan Motor Museum
The collection was first opened in 1972 and has grown considerably since then. Most of the vehicles on display are in working order and several are used on the road each year. Morg...
No.1066 - Battle Museum of Local History
No.1066 - Battle Museum of Local History
The Museum covers 125 million years of local history , starting with dinosaurs found in what is now Hastings, and continuing to the current day with figures of contemporary culture...
No.1103 - St Mary´s Church Rye
No.1103 - St Mary´s Church Rye
It is one of the oldest church turret clocks in the country still functioning. Clock was installed in about 1561-2 and was made by the Huguenot Lewys Billiard. For more than 900...

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